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A quiet storm, a silent tornado, a cool flame – these seemingly self-contradictory yet evocative phrases are apt descriptions for B. Nagakumar, who runs the Mumuksha Centre for Transformation. Kumar, as he is affectionately known, is a study in contrasts. He is a person who loves solitude and silence, yet is an extremely enthralling person to be around. His presence is charged with a quiet intensity, yet people find it very relaxing to be with him. Most of all, the knowledge, skills and wisdom he has gained in his life have, without exception, been gained only through great hardship and intense striving, yet seem so simple and easy to understand when he teaches. In fact, the exceptional manner in which he imparts knowledge is paralleled only by the magnanimity with which he does so.

Kumar liberally narrates his own life experiences and the lessons he learnt from them in his teachings, and his life is certainly replete with experiences that brought out his inner strength, but were very, very difficult. Born into a traditional Brahmin family in 1967 in Mysore, Kumar was the youngest of five siblings. His family moved to a small village called Talkad soon after he was born. The first six years of Kumar’s life were spent in Talkad, after which his family moved back to Mysore. The earliest influence in his life was that of his grandfather, the late Pundit Narasimha Murthy, who was a well-known Ayurvedic physician in Mysore. Kumar spent a lot of time with his grandfather, and received some of his earliest lessons in Ayurveda from him. Pt. Murthy later renounced the world and became a monk of the Hindu order.

Kumar underwent his formal education in Mysore and completed it with a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. And it was at this point that there came a distinct shift in his outlook towards life. A deep asceticism, a yearning for the spiritual life, which had always been present in his heart, now came to the fore, with the result that Kumar no longer derived any satisfaction from mundane pursuits. He tried several occupations over the following years, but none of them brought him a sense of fulfillment. Kumar’s priorities had undergone a change – rather than simply earn a living with a mundane job, he now wanted to understand the root of human misery and the way out of it. To this end, Kumar started practicing meditation and focusing more and more on the spiritual life. It was not easy going, and what kept Kumar going was his intense energy, which made him persevere in his practices in spite of encountering several hurdles. That was the time when he used to be alone for months, reading and meditating. There were many weeks when he never came out of his room in his house.

In 1992, Kumar was introduced to Osho’s teachings and techniques by Swami Poornananda, which proved to be the second deep influence in his life. He started practicing in his daily life the methods for meditation as taught by Osho. Once he was accepted into the order of Osho sannyasins in 1992 as Swami Jeevan Bimal by Swami Anand Swabhav, Kumar’s spiritual quest intensified. He stepped up his practices and, from 1995 onwards, started teaching Ayurveda and meditation and conducting meditation retreats so that others could benefit from what he had learnt. His classes and retreats were (and are, to this day) attended by quite a few Western students in addition to Indians.

However, although this assuaged his spiritual thirst to some extent, it did not entirely quench it. The spiritual journey is essentially one of transformation – of the body, mind and spirit. The process of transformation almost always involves, or in fact requires, healing of one or more of these three. And that is what Kumar sought next, so that he could understand the functioning and interaction of the body, mind and spirit with each other. He underwent training in several different types of therapeutic, healing and transformative techniques. Some of these dealt with the body (such as Ayurvedic massage, cranio-sacral therapy training, joint release training and Thai massage training) while the others dealt with the mind and spirit (such as mystic rose therapy, no mind therapy, who-is-in therapy, Tantric therapy and, much later, transomatic dialogue therapy). A turning point in Kumar’s life came when he when went on a trip to the Himalayas in 1997. Sitting by himself one day (it happened to be Buddha Poornima), Kumar had an epiphany. He realized the need for a shift in the way he was living. When he came back from his trip, Kumar quit the job he was holding at that time and decided to earn a living independently. That was when things started shifting. He started making Ayurvedic beauty products and selling them. With this change came a new-found satisfaction and self-esteem. In 1999, Kumar started giving Ayurvedic massages. And from then on, it was one stepping stone after another.

In 2001, Kumar started teaching Ayurvedic massage. It was also in 2001 that he conceived and started working towards the idea of Mumuksha – a place that would enable healing and the transformation of consciousness. In 2004, he published a book on Ayurvedic massage, which has since gone through several editions. In 2007, Kumar underwent an intensive training in Transomatic Dialogue Therapy at the multiversity of the Osho Ashram, Pune, and was certified as a Transomatic Dialogue Therapist, only the second Indian to be so certified. The results he has achieved using this technique are nothing short of amazing. Since 2008, he has been conducting past life healing therapy trainings along with Ayurvedic massage trainings.

With success, came opportunities to heal, teach and spread his knowledge in other parts of the world. In 2008, Kumar was invited by the University of Oregon, Eugene, USA, to teach a summer course on Ayurveda (organized by the Folklore Department). In the same year, he was also invited to deliver guest lectures on Ayurveda and past life therapy at Orange County, California. In 2009-10, Kumar visited Bali to teach Ayurvedic massage. In 2011, he visited Lebanon, where he delivered several lectures on sickness and healing, the evolution of consciousness and meditation, which was organized by the Wellness Project, Beirut, Lebanon. He has also taught past life therapy classes in Lebanon on request.

It has definitely not been an easy journey for Kumar. But when one talks to him, one finds neither bitterness, nor frustration nor resentment in him. On the contrary, one only finds a profound peace, a sublime contentment, a serene enjoyment of the NOW, and a conviction about where the NOW is taking him. This peace and contentment rubs off on whoever talks to him… they come away feeling, somehow, refreshed, and with a feeling of having newly awakened to the wondrous possibilities that life offers. That is Kumar for you… healer, friend, mentor, philosopher, but most of all, a fantastic teacher and the most wonderful companion one can have in the journey of life.


  • I was fortunate to attend both the Foundation and Advanced PLRT training courses with Kumar, as well as, undergo several healing sessions. After the courses I conducted many sessions on myself and for clients in California. What I have learned through the courses and healing sessions, enabled me to release many limiting emotional patterns. The result of these inner changes has completely changed my outer reality too. I was able to let go of relationships, jobs, possessions, that were keeping me stuck and bound; and embrace a life of freedom. I am now able to welcome every experience, every person, with the perspective of completing unfinished attachments and flowing with the present circumstances until they drop off from my awareness. As old thought patterns got dropped more room was created for me to tune into intuitive and creative channels. I am now discovering new interests, people, talents and skills that give me a lot of joy and keeps me fully engaged with the present moment. From the first moment I met him, Kumar has remained someone I greatly admire and connect with. He was able to provide insights to even the questions I had not yet voiced. His raw humor and utter openness, made me feel comfortable to lay my inner world open in front of him and not feel judged. The solutions he gently offered were always full of love. He remains a very important teacher and friend in my life, and a sounding board when my inner clarity occasionally dims. I am so grateful for having had to opportunity to work with and learn from Kumar! I was fortunate to attend the Ayurvedic Massage Therapy Course with Kumar. I later went on to complete 500 hours of Massage Therapy training on my way to becoming a Certified Massage Therapist in California. However, the techniques I learned from Kumar continues to be some of the most helpful as they were so precise, and comprehensive. Giving the massage is also a very meditative experience. It is a way to connect to the emotional core of the receiver through the mediums of touch, energy and awareness. I personally experienced an emotional release through Kumar's massage. It was my first insight into realizing the transformative power of touch. Kumar is one of the most dedicated teachers I have had the opportunity to learn from.

    Samanvita Rao.
  • " Kumar is one of the kindest and compassionate people I know. His joyful smile welcomes you always.His understanding look provides the haven beyond the words.His words can be strong but full of kindness and truth. His meditation sessions builds a strong ground for the journey within and his therapy sessions can provide safely an understanding of the mind and a release of the patterns. And his chai? Well, he just makes the best chai and a day without his morning chai just lacks a bit of the fullness. I´m very grateful to have him as my mentor and a friend and can strongly recommend him to anyone who is ready to work on him/herself."

    Heidi Pandeshwara.
  • . I met Kumar in 2008 when I started attending his evening meditations. I knew immediately that he was incredibly genuine and the “real deal” in terms of being a teacher and a healer. After attending a few of his meditations that resulted in my experiencing some deep and powerful healing, I knew I wanted to learn more from Kumar. My friend told me he also did Past Life Regression (in addition to massage) and I knew that someday I would study more with him. It was 2013 when I finally was ready to make the leap and enroll in his Past Life Regression course. That course was life changing. Kumar took me to the deepest levels of my subconscious mind. He helped me to become free from some issues I’d been struggling with for years. Kumar is a true seer – he can see to the core of people and into the darkness that is hindering them from becoming their best and true self. I highly recommend study with Kumar. He is a rare gem in a world of polished stones and faux diamonds! .

    Jessica Sherry
  • , To meet kumar 10 years ago has been one of the Best gifts i Could ever Have in My life. I cant find the words to express My gratitude to kumar and mumuksha gang for the love and support in the dificult times. I Could writte a book with all the deep experience i Have share with him. As a friend he has show me the value off real friendship, as a soul brother the beauty of the soul family, as a teacher the depths of misticism, the autenticity of been oneself no matter what others Thinks and as a therapist and healer he is unique. His universal view of light and darkness has been helping thousands of People from all around the world. He has save My life literaly and i can say with no doubts that I would sacrifice My life for him..... God bless you and all your family. Keep shining My brother.

  • , The Scriptures say, ‘There is no asana like Siddhasana, no kumbhaka like Kevala and no mudra like Khechari.’ Practice and experience say, ‘There is noTransomatic Dialogue and Ayurvedic Massage Therapist like Nagakumar.

  • , Kumar is a great teacher and healer and I recommend working with Kumar in the highest possible terms. I took Kumar’s excellent Past Life Healing Therapy Course early in 2013, and then took the opportunity to repeat the course immediately, as it was such a rich learning experience. Kumar teaches from his practical, experiential understanding. He is interested in what works, and he communicates this with skill, humour and penetration, appropriate to the particular group or audience. As a healer, my sister and I value his work to the degree that when our mother had cancer, we brought him to England to work with her and our family, with very positive results. The sessions that I have done with him have led to insights of lasting healing value, the benefits of which continue to unfold months and years after the individual sessions. Kumar’s centre, Mumuksha, is a place of easy welcome, with a steady, inclusive and grounding energy. The Mumuksha centre provides a powerful and safe container which allows all who attend Kumar’s classes, courses or therapy sessions to give themselves the space to dive deeper into the rewarding work of becoming more who they really are. It really is a centre for Healing and Transformation

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The soul is immortal and indestructible, and it undertakes countless journeys across time and space, living out countless lives, all in an effort to experience and to learn, ever more and more, until, at the end, there is nothing more left to experience or learn; there is simply the enjoyment of union with the Supreme; there is simply the knowledge that it IS the Supreme


Past life therapy is thus a tool and an aid to self-discovery. To help people heal themselves and others, and to help them on their spiritual journey, Mumuksha provides the past life healing therapy training course. This two-week course teaches one how to independently conduct past life healing sessions on oneself as well as on others.

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If there were another name for the nectar of immortality, it would be “meditation”. For most of us, life simply seems to be a never-ending series of anxiety, stress and grief, with occasional and brief times of happiness. Living in this manner can only have the most debilitating effect on our health, that of the body as well as that of the heart, mind and soul. It is therefore no wonder that our life-spans are much shorter than what they could possibly be.

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