If there were another name for the nectar of immortality, it would be “meditation”. For most of us, life simply seems to be a never-ending series of anxiety, stress and grief, with occasional and brief times of happiness. Living in this manner can only have the most debilitating effect on our health, that of the body as well as that of the heart, mind and soul. It is therefore no wonder that our life-spans are much shorter than what they could possibly be.

A panacea with manifold benefits, meditation offers us a way out of the misery of the human condition. De-stressing and relaxation leading to greatly improved health, peace of mind and deep contentment are only a few of the benefits that meditation offers us. Sustained practice of meditation helps us gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, and an enhanced clarity of perception of the people around us and the universe we live in.

Eventually, we are able to see the interconnecting strands between all that exists in the universe, and that beyond this vast, infinite tapestry is the Ultimate Reality, the Supreme Soul. Once this state of perception is achieved, there is liberation.

To help people on this wonderful journey, Kumar conducts meditation sessions, where participants are first guided through identifying any blocks they may be experiencing during meditation, removing those blocks, and then entering a state of meditation. Individuals who have undergone these guided meditation sessions will then find that they are able to meditate better and on a much deeper level than before.

See the events page for information on the days on which meditation sessions are held, and the timings of the sessions.

About Kumar

A quiet storm, a silent tornado, a cool flame – these seemingly self-contradictory yet evocative phrases are apt descriptions for B. Nagakumar, who runs the Mumuksha Centre for Transformation. Kumar, as he is affectionately known, is a study in contrasts. He is a person who loves solitude and silence, yet is an extremely enthralling person to be around. His presence is charged with a quiet intensity, yet people find it very relaxing to be with him. Most of all, the knowledge, skills and wisdom he has gained in his life have, without exception, been gained only through great hardship and intense striving, yet seem so simple and easy to understand when he teaches.

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The soul is immortal and indestructible, and it undertakes countless journeys across time and space, living out countless lives, all in an effort to experience and to learn, ever more and more, until, at the end, there is nothing more left to experience or learn; there is simply the enjoyment of union with the Supreme; there is simply the knowledge that it IS the Supreme

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Past life therapy is thus a tool and an aid to self-discovery. To help people heal themselves and others, and to help them on their spiritual journey, Mumuksha provides the past life healing therapy training course. This two-week course teaches one how to independently conduct past life healing sessions on oneself as well as on others.

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